Empower yourself to feel great in your body.

There are so many mixed messages right now regarding the best diet, the most effective forms of exercise, the best way to lose weight, proper spiritual practice, the best ways to be spending our time, on and on and on. But, the truth is wellness is a journey and there is no one right path. Health coaching helps you get you on your path. And the good news is, you’re probably closer than you think!

Imagine what your life would be like if you had energy and clarity every single day.

My mission is to help you find the spark within that will provide the clarity needed to:

  • Lose the weight
  • Have clearer skin
  • Clear up digestive issues
  • Exercise more and ENJOY it
  • Quit smoking
  • Have more energy
Balancing stones

“Genevieve’s strengths as a coach are her strong listening skills, wealth of nutrition knowledge and ability to help her clients find a strategy that works for their lifestyle. The best part of having Genevieve as a coach was really working on complete life health. Friendship, work, nutrition, exercise, hobbies, love and happiness were all areas we talked about.”
Rebecca – Portland, Oregon


“Since working with Genevieve, I have more consistent energy, mood, libido and better digestion. Most significantly, I have an increased patience and gentleness with myself as I move through the healing process. Genevieve is a kind, open-minded and attentive listener, and I recommend her to anyone on a healing journey who is struggling to balance the different aspects of this life.”
Chase – Orleans, CA


“After 20+ years of smoking cigarettes, I am pleased to say I am a NON-smoker now. Genevieve helped me identify triggers that resulted in smoking and to identify ways to cope with triggers. She is patient, has great listening skills, and the kind ability to propose healthy alternatives to reach my goals. I continue to feel better every day and she has been a big part of my success.”
Jill – Portland, Oregon